Turbo Solitaire
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Shift your card skills into overdrive with this fast-paced version of the classic card game! Move all the cards from the columns to the main pile. Do this by clicking on cards that are one higher or lower than the top card. If you get stuck, simply pull a new card from the deck. But remember, you only have 52 cards in your deck so chose wisely or you could lose. Play the Turbo Solitaire online game at Gaming Wonderland! Try this and other Card and Board games at the best gaming site on the Web!

Object: Move all cards to a single pile before the time runs out

How to Play: To play, build in sequence either up or down regardless of suit on the waste pile. For example, if the top of the waste pile is a 5, you can play either a 6 or a 4 on it. You can play an Ace or Queen on a King, or play a King on an Ace.

Whenever there are no possible plays, turn over a card in the Stock to the Waste pile.

The game is won when all cards are sent to the single pile.

This game requires JRE version 6+ in order to run. Click Here to get it!