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Swap blocks, match colors and clear the board before time runs out in this strategic match 3 puzzle game! Use your mouse to click on two adjacent squares. Create rows or columns of three identical colors to make them disappear. But be careful not to leave any gaps so that you can clear the whole board. Play the Nisqually online game at Gaming Wonderland! Try this and other Puzzle and Arcade games at the best gaming site on the web!

Object: Remove at least the number of blocks required for one level to move on to the next one. Complete all 18 levels to win!

How to play: Click on a block and then click on succeeding adjacent blocks to swap their positions. Click on the currently selected block to deselect it or a non-adjacent block to start working with that block. If three or more blocks in a row or column are the same color, they'll fade to oblivion and the blocks above them will drop down as far as possible onto the blocks below.

Levels: To move on to the next level of play, you must remove the required number of blocks for the level. A bonus can be earned for finishing a level before the clock gets down to zero.

Special Stuff: When the black blocks start appearing, watch out! They don't move, and you can't wipe them out either. They will surely stretch your strategy to another level.

Controls: Use the Mouse to click on the blocks to select or switch with them. Now turn off your TV and go play! A proper addiction requires focus, Focus, FOCUS!!!

This game requires JRE version 6+ in order to run. Click Here to get it!