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Mix and match letters to form as many words as you can! Click on two letters to swap their positions and make words before the timer runs out. Remember to spell the specific WhatWords to complete the level. Play the WhatWord online game at Gaming Wonderland! Try this and other Puzzle and Arcade games at the best gaming site on the Web!

Object: Rearrange the letters on the grid to form the required words (the WHATwords).

How To Play: Click on any letter and then on another letter to swap the positions. Whenever you form a word, it will disappear and new letters will fall in. You receive points for each word you form, based on the number of letters. Certain letters are worth more points than others. The letters with the STARS multiply the value of the entire word. Before time runs out, you need to form all of the words listed under "WHATwords". The WHATwords are worth the most points. To get the greatest score, try to use as many STAR letters as possible when making the WHATwords.

This game requires JRE version 6+ in order to run. Click Here to get it!