Addiction Solitaire
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It won't take long to get hooked; this four-row spin on a classic card game is a huge deal! And it's just difficult enough to be, as the name so appropriately puts it, addictive. Your goal is to separate the suits into four rows, starting with the Deuce and ending with the King, by shifting cards to four empty slots. Play the Addiction Solitaire online game at Gaming Wonderland! Try this and other Card and Board games at the best gaming site on the Web!

Object: Create a row for each suit, where each row starts with the deuce on the left and the king on the right. The aces are removed after dealing, so the rightmost column will be blank when you correctly place all of the cards.

How to Play: Click the DEAL button to start the game. After the deal, the aces are removed to create 4 blank positions. The player will continually try to move a card into one of these blank positions until all of the cards have been placed in the way described in the Objective. Only one card can fill one of these blank positions, and that is the one which follows by value and suit the card to the left of the empty position.

For example, if there is a blank position to the right of the six of diamonds, only the seven of diamonds can be moved there. There is one exception to this rule: deuces may only be placed in empty positions in the leftmost column (it does not matter which suit goes in which row).

Three reshuffles are allowed for times when you get stuck (empty positions after kings can not be filled!). Reshuffling affects all cards not in their proper position (starting from a deuce on the left, cards are in their proper position if they are connected to the deuce via a chain of cards to the left of descending value within the same suit).

To end the game when there are still moves available, but also save your score, you can use the Give Up button.

Controls: Click on a card to select it for movement. Click on it again to deselect it, or another card to select the other card. After selecting a card, clicking on an empty position will move the card there only if it actually can go there (for example, only the king of spades can be moved to the empty position to the right of the queen of spades).

Clicking on the reshuffle button will reshuffle and redeal the cards, once again removing aces, but the reshuffle button is only available 3 times after an initial deal.

This game requires JRE version 6+ in order to run. Click Here to get it!