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Get ready to call BINGO even when you play this hall favorite in your own home! Every 10 seconds a new ball is drawn. Click on your cards to mark the numbers that appear on the selected ball. Hit "Call Bingo" to cash in if you've got the right combination. Act fast, though. The pot decreases as more balls are drawn. Play the Bingo online game at Gaming Wonderland! Try this and other Free Casino games at the best gaming site on the Web!

How to play:

Click on your cards to mark which numbers have been drawn. Remember, you could have the same number on more than one of your cards, so be sure to check each of your cards for each number called. A new number is drawn every 10 seconds, but if you fall behind you can look to the list on the right to see which numbers have been called.

As soon as you think you've got BINGO, click the "Call BINGO!" button in the button bar at the bottom of the game. You can also wait to see if you get more than one BINGO to get a larger payout, but remember that every ball that's called diminishes the money in the pot. If you make mistakes putting your markers down, they will be corrected once you "Call BINGO!"

Types of BINGO:

The basic BINGO is achieved by getting your marker on 5 spaces in a row either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

Blackout BINGO is achieved when all the squares on an entire card are filled up with markers.


BINGO pays out in the following manner:

10% of the pot for each 5 in a row BINGOs you achieve.

100% of the pot for each Blackout BINGO you achieve.

Maximum payout is 100% of the pot.


Even left-pawed dogs that can't figure out Collapse! can play BINGO. Just use your mouse to click on spaces on the cards. Now, go play!

This game requires JRE version 6+ in order to run. Click Here to get it!