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Speed and intellectual skills are your most important weapons in this version of the ancient Asian game. Clear the board as soon as possible by clicking on matching tiles and pave your way to eternal fame in the high score.

Goal of the game The goal is to remove all the tiles in one level within the time available. You remove tiles by clicking on two free and identical tiles. A tile is free when there are no other tiles on the left and/or the right and when there are no tiles on top of it. On removing two tiles time is automatically added to your remaining time for clearing the board. When you ask for a hint a possible combination of two tiles will be suggested to you. Using a hint will lower your time left to clear the board. You can use shuffle to replace the tiles randomly on the board in the current setting. Using shuffle will also lower your time left to clear the board. Controls Use the mouse to select free tile combinations you want to remove. Click on hint or shuffle to receive a hint or to shuffle the tiles. During the game you can use the following keys: R This ends the current game and starts a new one. S This starts or stops the sound. P This pauses the game. H This offers you a hint. Space This shuffles the tiles on the board. Score You earn points by removing pairs of tiles. Removing multiple pairs of tiles quickly after each other will increase the points received per matching pair. The time remaining after you have cleared the board will be converted to bonus points. Levels Clearing a level will bring you to the next level. Each subsequent level is a little harder and offers you less time to clear the board.