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Sudoku War Multiplayer
Sudoku War
Compete to completely fill in the 9x9 grid with the correct numbers.
4-In-A-Row - Luminati!
Add some edge to placing four consecutive pegs before your opponent can.
Speed Chess Multiplayer
Speed Chess
Check the time as you try to get your opponent into checkmate.
BattleShips Multiplayer
Sink your oppontent's battleships while keeping yours afloat.
Super Star Balls Multiplayer
Super Star Balls
Flip adjacent Star Balls to match up groups of three and to clear the board before your opponent.
Darts Multiplayer
Aim for the bullseye to get more points than your opponent.
Reversi Multiplayer
Try to flip your opponent's pieces to match your own.
Simon Multiplayer
Test your memory and your sanity.
Sheep me Multiplayer
Sheep me
Clone your very own evil sheep army and take over the entire world, or at least large parts of the game board.
Coiny Coins Multiplayer
Coiny Coins
Make a wager then shoot your slingshot to hit more coins than your competitor.
Hex Empire Multiplayer
Hex Empire
Defend your capital city while trying to conquer your enemies' capitals.
Russian Roulette Multiplayer
Russian Roulette
Test your character's luck against your opponent's.
Libra Battle Multiplayer
Libra Battle
Accumulate more weight than your opponent by the end of the game.
Kaban Tactics Multiplayer
Kaban Tactics
Use diagonal moves to corner the boar with your sheep.
Brilliant turn Multiplayer
Brilliant turn
Completely outline more squares on the grid than your opponent to win the most circles.
Zex Lex Duel Multiplayer
Zex Lex Duel
Use your robots to take out your opponent's robot army.
Snooker Multiplayer
Sink red and color balls alternately to score more points than your opponent.
Domino Battle Multiplayer
Domino Battle
Play all of your tiles before your opponent can.
GoldMiner Multiplayer
Carefully place your miners to claim more gold than your opponent.
Backgammon Multiplayer
Match wits with an opponent to clear the board.
Nine-ball Multiplayer
Chalk your cue up to sink the 9 Ball without breaking any rules.
Go Multiplayer
Surround or lock up your opponent's pieces.
Checkers Multiplayer
Capture the other player's checkers before he captures yours.
Marbles Multiplayer
Aim and shoot to clear the board of your opponent's marbles.
Mancala Online Multiplayer
Mancala Online
Select a hole to deposit each stone counterclockwise trying to collect as many in your own store as possible.

Games 1 - 25 of 37
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