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Dino Steak Puzzles & Arcade
Dino Steak
Play Dino Steak and collect as much of tasty the food as possible in this puzzle game! The cute b...
Skylands Puzzles & Arcade
In Skylands, a classic arcade game with a great retro feel, it's all about your skill and reactio...
2020 Puzzles & Arcade
2020 is a challenging puzzle game with gameplay that resembles Tetris a bit but goes above and be...
Burger Story Puzzles & Arcade
Burger Story
Do you think that flipping burgers does not take much skill and the meat can be cooked by anyone?...
BB Puzzles & Arcade
BB is a fast paced arcade game that is about perfect timing and great strategizing skills at the ...
Circus New Adventures Puzzles & Arcade
Circus New Adventures
Ladies and gentlemen, the circus is back in town! Circus 2 is a puzzle game that not only feature...
Candy Love Match Puzzles & Arcade
Candy Love Match
It is Valentine's Day, the best time of the year to delight your sweetheart with love and candies...
Farm to Fork Puzzles & Arcade
Farm to Fork
The Valley of farmers is on the verge of downfall since the Global Mart has overtaken the town's ...
Candy Rain Puzzles & Arcade
Candy Rain
Match at least three candy's of the same type to make them disappear, trigger combos and accompli...
Submarine Dash Puzzles & Arcade
Submarine Dash
Take your seat in your own submarine and swim through a beautiful underwater world in this all ne...
Road Crossing Puzzles & Arcade
Road Crossing
Roads Crossing is an free online game that takes the basic idea of the arcade classic Frogger to ...
Fruita Swipe Puzzles & Arcade
Fruita Swipe
Your goal in Fruita Swipe is to collect a set number of different fruit with only a few moves. Ma...
Way to the Stars Puzzles & Arcade
Way to the Stars
The little aliens' flying saucer ran out of fuel and in an attempted emergency landing it came cr...
RGB Trucker Puzzles & Arcade
RGB Trucker
RGB Trucker is a logic puzzle in which you have to deliver cargo with a truck that matches it's c...
Pick Crafter Puzzles & Arcade
Pick Crafter
Pick Crafter combines the look and feel of the beloved game Minecraft with the highly addictive g...
Catch the Apple Puzzles & Arcade
Catch the Apple
In the physics-based puzzle game, Catch The Apple, it is your task to guide an adventurous little...
Touch and Catch Puzzles & Arcade
Touch and Catch
It's time to harvest the fruits on your farm! Of course you could climb into the apple tree and p...
Fish Resort Puzzles & Arcade
Fish Resort
Did you ever think about buying a fish tank? Fish Resort turns the fish tank into a fantastic, fr...
Aqua Thief Puzzles & Arcade
Aqua Thief
In this free online puzzle game, you have to help Aqua Thief to collect all coins in a level. To ...
Puzzle Bobo Puzzles & Arcade
Puzzle Bobo
Classic arcade action at it's best! Strike down similar bubbles to fill your energy bar! Once fil...
Neon Trio Puzzles & Arcade
Neon Trio
Combine 3 glowing neons and beat the highscore! Welcome to the world's largest HTML5 games platfo...
Sagemath Puzzles & Arcade
Sagemath will take you on a journey full of powerful magic spells and numbers! Use your math skil...
Tetris® Puzzles & Arcade
Tetris®: The perfect puzzle game.
Tap the Mouse Puzzles & Arcade
Tap the Mouse
Tap The Mouse is a collection of fun mini games that share a common goal: You have to find the wh...
Bubble Shooter Puzzles & Arcade
Bubble Shooter
Bubble Shooter is a fast paced match-3 arcade puzzle game that takes the gameplay of the much-lov...

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